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label kills

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community [02 Aug 2004|09:28pm]


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[29 Jun 2004|11:18am]

CT/NY skate scene.

it's for the RL store opening in CT.
If you live in the area, you should check it out.
there's going to be a new park + if you want to help design it, get on board.
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spread the word [20 Jun 2004|04:55am]

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HOSOI IS FREE ! [11 Jun 2004|04:03pm]

courtesy of tom miyao and blacklabelskates.com

Well After years of setbacks, it seems the district attorney of Honolulu has thrown in the cards on the Hosoi case. On June, 3 2004, Christian Hosoi was sentenced to 57 months. At this point he’s served 54-but due to his “good time” Holmes will be blasting method airs in no time!
RED KROSS- BLACK LABEL SKATEBOARDS as well as the whole skateboard community is stoked to welcome the long awaited return of one of it’s true greats, CHRISTIAN HOSOI -Tom Miyao
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existance [30 May 2004|11:32am]

[ mood | surprised ]

sorry i basically forgot i owned this community. but yeah i'm back now so....yeah. i was surprised people joined, thank you ! everyone should check out new am rider on label, chaz pineda. i've known him for years, he's too good for words. viva la blackxlabel !

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[30 May 2004|10:53am]


Join Now!..Please xD
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[01 May 2004|11:20am]

[ mood | bored ]

does noone ever post in here?

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im new [18 Apr 2004|04:31pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

im new here and i think blacklabel has got the best team. i idolize ben gilley for taking massive handrails.

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[12 Apr 2004|03:19pm]
Hey, im new to the community. I joined cuz blacklabel is the best brand of skateboards and i love all the things they have. I own a cap with the flame logo and i have had it since the past 3 years. It's all brown but i painted it black with cloth paint. Pretty cool!
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I'm New. [20 Jan 2004|09:18am]

[ mood | This Song is Exciting. ]

Wudd up cuhs! Ha, i'm new here. I'm not gonna go on about how i skateboard and how i love it so, but i will tell you that i am 15..almost 16, and skating is awesome.

Kristian Svitak= my favorite skater in the whole town.

Alright well i'm gonna be out.



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[09 Jan 2004|11:33am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi, I'm Jae.
Patrick Melcher&Jim Gagne are creepy.
I thought Melcher was going to kidnap&murder me.
Gagne doesn't get laid&he's desperate.
He likes to fart&touch Melcher in his sleep.
Adam Alfaro is the coolest boy I've ever met.
Pat Rakestraw's feet smell like shit.
&loves getting hit in the head numerous times with beer boxes.
Oh yeah, I can't forget this part... Ragdoll sucks in bed.
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**New here** [02 Jan 2004|01:33pm]

[ mood | blank ]

hey whats up??well im new here...uhhh...i guess i should introduce myself!!...ummm....in nancy and im 17 from inglewood california...ummm...glad to have glad to have joined this community...uhhh....i have a black label board...uhh..its my icon here...and also...uhh...lol...and feel free to talk to me anytime...its good making new friends...lol...uhhh...laterZ

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[24 Dec 2003|10:31pm]

what's up. my name is victoria. i skate a redkross d.p. board and i haven't seen it in quite awhile. i pretty much suck at skating but i try. and i've loved it since i was a kid watching my brother ollie over me and his friends stuffing their sweaty skate socks in my mouth (dont. ask.) but yeah. i have a question. which do you prefer? label kills or black out. its black out for me. melchers part kills.
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[26 Jun 2003|10:31pm]

[ mood | blank ]

i got a new deck...its a JOHN GIBSON gringo! www.gringoskateboards.com
anyways, i usually skate 60mm classic spitfires but i also skate street so i decided to get a smaller wheel...so i got 55mm brian anderson ricta cores. they are nice and they helped when i got on a ledge at vans i've never gotten on before. the 60's got in the way too much and therefore i would have had to ollie higher. complicated, but im glad i got the smaller wheels. butttt...i like bigger wheels for vert and pool/bowl so im thinking of making another complete with the 60s...i dunno. my mom is helping out with the gravity games here in houston and im going to enter the bowl jam/contest and probably lose hard. ah well. oh in black label news they are doing a demo/tour thing but of course not coming to texas, figures.
for more info go to www.blacklabelskates.com, and go to news. thanks.

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so........ [25 Jun 2003|02:36am]

what do you guys think of black out?
my favorite parts are ragdoll, of course.
jason adams/chet childress, and
duane peters.
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hey [24 Jun 2003|11:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

this community is for black label fans and riders, enjoy.

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